Why You Need To Try Aqua Restaurant At Four Seasons Istanbul Bosphorus

With the arrival of the summer menu, Chef Sebastiano Spriveri of Aqua, Four Seasons Bosphorus, has brought warmth, depth, and a sense of place to this posh restaurant. As he’s casually elevating comfort foods you’re left with the sense of excitement a harvest party evokes. So, yes, I had a really great time here. The ambiance was warm and elegant, yet I still felt as if I were being fed by family. The various dishes were quite obviously well thought out as they all worked in perfect synergy with one another. The mozzarella, with tomato, basil and anchovies on olive ciabatta bread was excellent. The Milan style turbot fillet was delectable, with marinated zucchini, black olive, and lemon confit. The lamb chops, accompanied by buffalo mozzarella, grilled eggplant, tomato, basil, and arrabiata sauce were tender and luscious. The asparagus soup with fresh morel mushrooms was earthy and rich yet still maintaining lightness. The Sorrentina style potato gnocchi was perfectly cooked and pillowy, alongside sweet cherry tomatoes, basil, and buffalo mozzarella . The dessert was sublime..a little summer biosphere of lime yogurt, strawberry compote with basil sauce, strawberry sorbet, and crispy meringue. An enticing array of authentic, light, Italian style pizzas are also available that happen to pair perfectly with the crisp sweetness of Kavaklidere Zinfandel. 

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  1. Kerry at 10:32 pm

    Nice description Meg! I would love to be there with you and Pen and Mama and we would have the most fantastic time! And you know it’s true cause we are mothers and daughters and sisters…. and that’s the best company. I love you!

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