The Monday Morning Come on

The Monday Morning Come on

I was sitting on the stairs outside my condominium waiting for the service bus to come and pick up my small son when I saw a man walk by, which is common…I live within close proximity to a very busy, and fashionable street in Istanbul so there is a constant stream of people coming and going. This man walked by, and we exchanged looks. He then walks around the block, and by my stairs again….this time I smiled at him, which I guess he thought was me showing sexual interest, because he turned around and walked right up to me. Instead of introducing himself like a normal person though, a gentleman, he huddles close to me, pulls out his phone and shows me his call log, whispering, “This is my number.”….It seemed so sneaky, and also downright indecent, in front of my child, while I am waiting with him for his school bus. The guy was a tall drink of water, I’m not going to lie; thats why I smiled, I guess, but I didn’t want to just go out and sleep with him just because I was checking him out…I was so shocked I didn’t know what to say, so I acted like a dork and said a little too loudly “Hey.. are you from here…you live in my neighborhood?” He said he did, and I said “Ok thats nice”…”Well I live here too…duh..”
He walked by again the following week, and I tried to catch his name, which was me being slightly naughty, but seriously, its rather funny they think foreigners are that easy and desperate to get laid…if he only knew what a hot, sex maniac my husband is…I’m satisfied…that being said, it was flattering and made my day…my week….I typically feel at once on display and ignored here in Istanbul, so it felt good, like I haven’t lost all my sex appeal even though I’m a mother….

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