The Minuscule Water Heater

The Minuscule Water Heater

In Istanbul, in the antiquated apartment building we call home, the landlord is too cheap to replace the old water heater that broke, with another of a similar capacity, instead, springing for an ultra petite version, which produces, and then holds just enough hot water for one person’s eight minute shower. The hot water tank is for the entire house, including the kitchen, so you can imagine how there isn’t any wiggle room for unforeseen usage, case in point: I was bathing my children and unexpectedly had to drain the bath prematurely, as my toddler had an accident. I took the children out, wrapped them in towels, attempted to fill the bath back up, but the water was lukewarm on the cool side. I had to run into the kitchen and boil water. In the time it took me to go from the kitchen, and back to the bathroom, my older child had relieved himself in the toilet, and my younger one had taken the initiative to saturate the mop in toilet water, and clean the bathroom floor for me, and I use the word toilet “water” gratuitously as these European toilets are all low flow. How wonderful and eco friendly that is.

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