The Istanbul VW Beetle

Classic VW beetles congregating on Bagdat Caddesi.

Interestingly enough, Adolf Hitler was behind the design of this functional compact car. He needed a cost effective, compact car that would be easily produced in large quantities for his German consumers. He used Porsche to design and manufacture this car, one of the first rear engined car ever built.
The Beetle was designed for continuous high speed on the autobahn (100 km per hour), at the time, the speed was competitive with other makes and models of that size. It was built to fit two adults, and three children comfortably. ┬áThe cool thing about the classic 1934 Beetle was that it was simply designed, and easy to fix. Modern cars are so highly technical they have to be read by a computed program which pinpoints the problem. This is better in some ways because it may give the owner a little more reassurance to see the problem printed on paper from an independent machine, instead of having to take the mechanic’s word for it.
In 1971, the Super Beetle model was introduced, which featured a longer nose, and tighter turning radius. Next came the Beetle Cabriolet, a four seater convertible.
By 2002, 21 million Type 1 Beetles had been produced, with its highest peak of 1.3 million in 1971. In 2003 however, production ceased at the VW factory in Pueblo, Mexico due to a marked decrease in demand. The last VW Beetle ever produced was nicknamed El Rey, which is Spanish, for ‘The King’, and shipped off to Volkswagon’s museum in Wolfsburg, Germany.


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