The Sculptures of Sahbi Chtioui: CKM Caddebostan

The Sculptures of Sahbi Chtioui: CKM Caddebostan

Though Tunisian by birth, Sahbi Chtioui chose to live primarily in Morocco. He attended primary and secondary school, as well as the School of Fine Arts in Tunis, moving on to Paris to continue his academic training at the School of Fine Arts in Montparnasse. He creates figurative and semi-abstract bronzes that explore surrealism and calligraphy. What seems to define Sahbi Chtioui is his curiosity and questioning of the human condition as it pertains to the relationship of time and space in his work.  He states, “That’s what being a sculptor is, in my eyes, traveling tirelessly from work to work, the discovery of something we believe we achieve but which escapes you and leads you to other paths of creation.” I found his sculptures of human figures expressing passionate rage, or calm resignation particularly captivating and magnetic.

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