Samanyolu Station In Turkey Removed From Teledunya

Samanyolu Station In Turkey Removed From Teledunya

In light of the recent, and massive bomb attack that killed so many civilians gathering peacefully in Ankara, this development pales in comparison. Nonetheless, it showcases the lack of due process and concern for people’s rights in Turkey. Citizens have the right to access specific, independent channels they paid for.

A number of stations have recently been removed from Teledunya by Turksat including Samanyolu, Yumurcak, Kanalturk, and Bugun. Turksat has removed them from Teledunya without cause. How can Turksat remove these stations when there are advertisers who signed contracts, and citizens who have paid for packages with the understanding that these channels would be available. They should refund the advertisers, and citizen subscribers.

Oddly enough, Teledunya could not provide clear reasons why these stations were removed from the broadcast, and replied that they were just following orders from Turksat with whom the government has a controlling share, allowing them to put pressure on Turksat at will. Unless there were gross and repetitive violations, Turksat should not be allowed to make such an unethical decision. There should have been records of warnings, and fines paid before they could ever take a station off air.


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