Raki Is Legal In Turkey

Raki Is Legal In Turkey

As much as Turkey is known for its architecture and culinary delicacies, it’s also world famous for its Raki, an intensely flavored, alcoholic drink made from the anise seed. Turkey has a multifaceted personality. One of its iconic faces happens to be fresh fish, alongside onion, and arugula, married with a glass of Raki.

Religious groups have recently petitioned the government to cancel an annual festival celebrating Raki. The associations complaining of this event do not partake of alcohol…ok, so why must everyone suffer because of this group’s personal and particular religious sentiment? The sale and consumption of alcohol is legal in Turkey. It is then unfair for the government to penalize this festival, which is complying with Turkish law, by pandering to these private organizations.

The annual festival, held December 12-13 in Adana, is an immense global tourist attraction as well, and arrives at a time when Turkey could really use some good PR and advertising.
So far, two petitions have been circulating: one pro-festival; the other anti….the pros are currently in the lead…

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