Pantyliners…the New Duct Tape?

1. Need to check your oil, but don’t have a rag?…bet you have a pantyliner.

2. Have to take that hot pan off the stove right away but can’t find your oven mitt?…Oh yeah, I  have a pantyliner in the kitchen junk drawer.

3. Your shoes are rubbing your heels raw. Who carries moleskin in their handbags anyway?…thank god for pantyliners.

4. That coffee is hot! You could really use a coffee sleeve…use a pantyliner instead.

5. The strap of your handbag is digging into your shoulder…a pantyliner will fix that problem immediately.

6. Packing plates for storage? Never deal with chipping and breaking again…use pantyliners in between those dishes.

7. Tired of those coat rack hooks stretching out your sweaters?…neatly fold a pantyliner around that pesky hook.

8. Worried about furniture rubbing together and scratching during transportation?…pantyliners to the rescue again.

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