Medicine Without a Prescription

In Turkey, you can walk into any pharmacy and buy yourself the medicine you need without a doctor’s consent. Making an appointment with your physician is a good idea in general when you are ill, as a diagnosis may not be clear. However, this is not always the case. The problem is in the pedestal we place doctors upon that implies laymen stupidity, and not ignorance…as if humans do not have the ability to educate themselves on their own bodies, and use deductive reasoning, as all doctors do. There is a wealth of information on the internet from actual medical and scientific sources such as journals, and medical textbooks on google scholar. There was a time in the past when this knowledge was only available in medical schools, but this is not the case anymore. If you have the ability to read and understand what you are reading, there can be less of a difference between you and a recent medical school graduate. Let me tell you there is no need to have attended medical school to ascertain the certainty of conjunctivitis. Heaven forbid you help yourself. The United States has a profit driven medical system that thrives on the perfect union of doctors and insurance carriers. In Turkey, most medical care and prescription drugs are subsidized by the government, and its citizens are free to choose the right medicine for themselves, except narcotics. I have two children, similar in age. I can take one to the doctor, and then when the other one begins to display similar symptoms I can simply buy a double bottle of antibiotics, instead of having to make a separate appointment, a few days later, bringing in two sick kids for the same treatment.
It comes down to rights. It is my right to be able to heal myself, and if I happen to err in my judgement, then it is also my right to suffer the repercussions of my decision.

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