My new favorite coffee house. It’s right across the street from a new, completely fenced in park which is a gold mine here in Istanbul when you have children. You can actually sit on a bench inside and relax. Typically one has to be in hyper vigilant mode, watching out for speeding motorcycles on sidewalks, aggressive and untrained dogs off their leashes, and petty thieves making attempts on the things in your stroller. Ok, all these things don’t typically happen simultaneously, but in a city of 14 million people it can, and it pays to be guarded. The coffee is really good, I had my usual double shot of espresso with a little hot water, and it was superb. The owner speaks English too, which is a bonus.

Its location is across the street from the old Suadiye train station, as well as Suadiye Hasan Usta Kebab and Lahmacun. Suadiye Firin, a bakery, is just up the street a bit, as well as Ozkurslar grocery store.

Ayşe Çavuş Caddesi, Kadıköy, İstanbul

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