Is The Burqa a safety hazard

Is The Burqa a safety hazard

Burqas are a combination of curtain and veil that is worn by conservative women in certain Muslim countries. These cover a woman completely from head to toe, obscuring even the face and eyes. This dressing style completely hinders normal, healthy displays of expression and sexuality. All creatures are biologically structured for these manifestations in order to live safely, and therefore evolve further. I will elaborate. Conservative Muslim dress for women prohibits expression so completely that often the eyes are also masked. This connotes a deep disrespect of, and intolerance for women’s free self expression This affects society because it cannot learn from the profound input of women’s full presence in society.
Burqas are a safety hazard to the one wearing it, and to others around them. Burqas allow only minute human expression. This will have an impact on civilization over time if this practice is continued as all sentient beings have facial and body language which they use to communicate with others. These cues signal readiness to mate, imminent danger, and convey knowledge, etc. If those senses are immobilized, the being cannot communicate properly, putting them and others at risk. Brains work by translating precise signals so that it can understand patterns, making sense of the world and others. A woman in a full burqa with eyes also masked by netting puts herself at risk psychologically and physically. Sentient beings cannot understand or communicate with a burqa. It is confusing and frightening because our brains cannot gather information fluently as intended. We may be hearing a voice, but our others senses are blocked from “seeing”. There could be a dangerous predator underneath the burqa, and we wouldn’t know it. A woman can never be independent on her own while wearing a full burqa because she cannot show her strength through body language and eye contact. She cannot connect in a meaningful way through her unique facial expressions. She cannot get her bearings by being able to analyze others’ posture or facial expression to see if there is a potential threat as the burqa doesn’t allow for crystal clear 90 degree views. Masks are used to hide identities; why is the female gender being disguised within the burqa and treated as if it doesn’t exist… to what end? What are women being protected from; if it is their honor, then why is their honor more sacred than those of men, and why must their human freedoms and identities be taken from them in order to protect this honor. Honor means high respect and great esteem. When is it appropriate to esteem and respect someone or something you do not see or truly know, i.e., something that is disguised. Understanding of the brain has greatly increased in the past 50 years. We now know with absolute certainty that men and women are equally intelligent, creative, and industrious. Our global society relies heavily on intelligence, education, and innovative thinking, and those who are purposefully kept in an ignorant state will be left behind. This will erode their ability to fulfill their intellectual potential as education for women is a lower priority in countries where burqa wearing is common. It is a violation of human rights for women to endure this insidious torture disguised as concern and protection of female honor and safety. Imagine the horror a young girl must experience knowing that as every year passes she is closer to becoming forcefully handicapped simply for being born female. Honorable things and people are meant to be recognized and revealed because they exemplify the best humans have to offer, and we want others to emulate this character trait. Let the women’s honor be revealed if she is of honorable character If she is of conscientious character, she doesn’t need to be hidden under a burqa, as her principles will shine forth and make others better because of it. In fact, in my opinion, these men are so worried women will act natural and human which is to be good, and also to be selfish, and biologically driven. In short, outward displays of religiosity are not synonymous with internal piety. One is the character and temperament one was born with, as well as the person shaped by the outcome of the choices made throughout life. In closing, its overly simplistic to imply that one can be wrapped up, disguised, not be allowed to interact at will, not be allowed to make ones own decisions, and then call it good, virtuous, and honorable. Freedom is the true test of what something is: let it go free and see what it decides to do.

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