Fast and Easy “Marmalade”

I grew up despising orange marmalade…now I can’t get enough of it. I typically buy the imported French brand, St. Dalfour and Sicilian brand, Scyavuru. The Turkish style of marmalade is similar to a jelly, but a thinned out, very sweet version, with large pieces of rind throughout. It’s not my favorite. However, Turkey is a large producer of outstanding, high quality citrus fruits, so why couldn’t I make my own preserves to rival their European counterparts. It would be cheaper, and local to boot. Typically sour oranges are used to make jam because of the high amount of sugar added in, but I decided to make marmalade with mandarin oranges from Antalya, Turkey, called mandalinas. The fruit and peel are incredibly fragrant and sweet. I used 5 mandalinas and their zest, about 3/4 cup of sugar, and the juice of half a lemon to round out the flavor. I cooked them briefly, maybe 15 minutes, then added a little bloomed gelatin because I was out of pectin. Be aware that if you spread it on hot toast it will begin to melt a little due to the gelatin (use pectin)…It tastes just like fresh mandarin oranges…so good

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