Fake Soap

Fake Soap

This is something I run into on a continuous basis. I have tried multiple brands of detergent, body wash, shampoo, and hand soap in Turkey, over the years, and the same question keeps returning. Is this soap real, because it isn’t cleaning anything. I’ve tried adding more, but no, that doesn’t seem to make a difference, So if its not soap, what is this liquid I’m using. I used to buy body wash, but found that I didn’t smell clean after I took a shower. I thought I was being paranoid, but after a few weeks of constant use, I found that it really wasn’t working. I would buy the same brand of shampoo, yet some bottles would make my head itch, and not just my own head either. I realize now that one needs to buy soap in the bar or powder form, and this even applies to facial cleansing washes. I am referring to brand name products, not soap from some discount bakkal. It feels as if a scam is occurring during the sourcing of liquid soap products by Turkish importers. They are buying extremely poor quality, generic product, and then passing it off as soap approved by the big brands buying the soap for the Turkish market. I have terrible allergic reactions to many of the large branded laundry detergents in Turkey that I don’t have when using the same brand outside of this country. I have also noticed that the scents of brand name soaps are much stronger, and sometimes slightly different in Turkey. I have contemplated sending samples of product to a lab for analysis. Here in Turkey there is no effective consumer reporting agency, and little accountability, so its up to the individual to protect themselves by doing their own due diligence.

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