Cultural Differences

Cultural Differences

Turkish people love to tell you how to live your life, how to raise your children, and what to eat…etc. This advice is largely based upon whichever product their favorite television personality is pushing, or the latest health trend which varies widely and often. One can be minding ones own business, checking out at the grocery store, and a Turk behind you will say ” Why are you getting that?” or “That doesn’t look healthy….you shouldn’t feed your children that”.
My husband and I were down at the beach and our children were throwing stones in the water…Perhaps their feet were a little wet, Im not sure…anyway thats when this woman walking by yells to us…literally shouts that we should get our kids out of the water because it was tainted with E-coli.
Try getting people to give you the direct erudite source of these so-called precise facts…that is something you will never get. Someone told me that the reason my son is getting sick (a truthful fact of course) is because his hair is longish and since he swims at school during the day, this is making him sick. I told this person that his hair gets dried right away after swimming. The funny thing is, is that this revelation didn’t seem to sway this person’s steadfast resolve that their opinion was the only correct assumption. Even though the pool is indoor, and his hair is dry, it must be the length of hair that is the culprit of course.
A man’s kid was playing with my child at the park when apropos of nothing, he walked up to me and informed me I should cut my son’s hair. Seriously… my son does not have 80’s rocker hair…it’s barely past his shoulders in the back….I shouldn’t need to be defensive about it, and it’s maddening that strangers in this culture feel they can negatively comment on something so personal as a parent’s choice of hairstyle for their offspring. A few years ago, I left the grocery store and was sitting at a bench nearby to feed my son some baby food before he had a meltdown. I could tell he was hungry and that an episode was imminent….A woman I didn’t know strode up to me and asked me if what I was feeding my son was healthy….can you believe that?

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