Construction on Istanbul’s Asian Side

As I was strolling through the neighborhood yesterday I was overcome with a wave of sadness that I could not even recognize some of the streets that used to be so familiar to me due to the rapid destruction of the old, and influx of the new. Surprisingly, for such an expensive area, the exterior of many of the buildings were quite shabby. However, as the years passed I warmed to them, noticing details like which doormen took pride in the upkeep of their buildings, keeping them immaculately clean, and the gardens tended; which neighbors had ‘green thumbs’, and who went out of their way to be kind to the street animals. The new buildings being erected are depressing in their mediocrity, and are regrettably of poor construction as well. I noticed that a large piece of stone tile had fallen off a new building only a month after its first residents moved back in; another one is already aging badly, just six months in, due to the cheap materials used. It seems like Istanbul is losing its humanity. Its a large part of being human to take pleasure in remembering places which were special to us, and to return to relive those memories. What would New York be without its unique plethora of green spaces, iconic skyscrapers, and prewar apartments. What would Boston be without its historical structures and brownstones. Suadiye is quite an historical Anatolian side neighborhood as it lies right beside the only stretch of beach in all of Istanbul. Why were the buildings not originally made to survive with the occasional remodel?

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