Coffee in Istanbul Kadikoy Style

Cherrybean Coffees reminds me of places I used to know and love. It has an eclectic design aesthetic, filled with objects that seem laced with personal meaning. Surprisingly, its quite an expansive space with multiple levels, balconies, and a garden. The basement houses an art gallery, which is home to some truly compelling, vibrant pieces. I was fortunate enough to get there as they were roasting a batch of naked beans. I love watching the process, especially as the roaster is checking for the right color, and double cracking sound. I find their serious attention to the process really attractive. My Americano was excellent, as well as the cinnamon flavored, star shaped cookies. I’ll definitely be back as the coffee is great, the service is friendly, and its conveniently located near a Moda trolley stop.

I am inspired by the everyday beauty I see in Kadikoy in the early morning. I love the way the light hits the vegetables carefully arrayed in makeshift alleyway stalls, outside the main thoroughfare of the bazaar; the vendors carrying in fresh fish, meat, and bags of fresh bread to the yet unopened restaurants. The stark allure of artichokes spilling from the carts of street sellers never disappoints. To me, Kadikoy is a rich, nurturing, exotic, cacophony of authenticity. Intrepid, challenging; unflinching in the face of provocation.


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