Ciya Sofrasi

Located in the heart of Kadikoy, on the Asian side. Its really exceptional, so go there, try as many things as your stomach will allow, and then eat dessert too. I prize their Anatolian dishes so highly. I admit I actually get insulted if I’m at the restaurant and I overhear a Turkish person speaking to a foreigner about the food..carefully explaining what everything is, only to have the foreigner say “Do they have kebabs?”. Yes, they do have a kebab restaurant as well, but how could you resist the regional dishes from Mardin, Urfa, and northern Syria. You can get good kebabs in many places in Istanbul, but the regional stuffed vegetables and fruits, and stews and soups are outstanding, and unique. I have been loving and eating from Ciya for eight years, and have never tired of anything. There is always something new I haven’t tried, and satisfying things I know and love.

Ciya Sofrasi
Caferağa Mah. Güneşlibahçe Sk. No:43
Kadıköy, İstanbul TR
Tel: (216) 330 31 90

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