Boulder Istanbul

Boulder Istanbul

Indoor bouldering is a fun but challenging workout. I’m in good shape, I mean I do P90X for gods sake, but climbing these walls kicked my ass. I was sweating and breathing heavily after 15 minutes. In all fairness I was trying really hard to scale a vertical outcropping, which was far, far above my ability level, so I’m sure my intense struggles were mocked by the regulars. I typically imagine everything will be easy for me, until its not…good thing I’m not into extreme sports…pretty sure I’d end up a statistic. You don’t have to be crazy about it though. With typical bouldering, you are climbing at lower heights than rock climbing, so you can free climb without the use of a harness, ropes, and belayer, falling onto crash pads when you are done. The great thing about climbing is that it can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be, depending on the route you choose. Either way, your body will still thank you later. It is a fantastic all around workout. I haven’t been deep water soloing, but I really, really want to. Its a climbing method that employs deep water instead of crash pads below the rocks you’re scaling, protecting your body if you slip and fall. When you have had enough, you just plunge into the water, and your boat picks you up. For bouldering and deep water soloing you still need special shoes for rock climbing, chalk, and a chalk bag that hangs around your waist, to keep your hands from sliding. The rock shoes are rather expensive in general, unless you get a lot of use out of them. They rent them out at Boulder Istanbul, so I would recommend just renting each time you go, until you’re sure climbing is for you. If you have never worn rock shoes before, be advised they are supposed to feel very tight on your feet, as they are not for anything but climbing. However, once you slip into them, and get on the wall, its magic…you feel like a fly with sticky feet. I would have loved a pair of these when I was a kid, climbing trees. They should give these to the dudes who scale trees and pick coconuts…probably would make their jobs a little more fun.
The environment is really relaxing to me. Climbers are doing their thing, or just hanging out taking breaks between routes, and sitting on the bleachers watching. They play reggae or some other world music typically. There is a wide range of people who use this gym, from really experienced bouldering folks, to intermediate, to amateurs, so the environment is laid back, and not intimidating in the least.

Monday – Wednesday and Friday 17:00-22:00
Tuesday–Thursday 12:00-22:00
Saturday-Sunday 12:00-20:00

Daily : 14 TL
1 Month: 90 TL
3 Months: 215 TL
6 Months: 380 TL
12 Months: 670 TL

Their website includes a link to Wikimapia, which helps to figure out where they are. There is a main road running through Kadikoy that goes by the bull statue and then down to the Iskele. You make a right onto Nuzhetefendi Sk. from the the main road if you are facing the sea. Its about 2o to 25 blocks down.

Address: Nüzhetefendi sok. No 54 Kadiköy
Phone:0 535 203 58 93








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