Best Mexican Food In Istanbul

Best Mexican Food In Istanbul

Cali on a plate right there…how did they get those flavors so right? Close my eyes and I’m there….that spicy red salsa…so common everywhere at little Mexican joints in SoCal…i didnt think about learning how to make it, when i lived there because i didnt know I would miss it so much….Ive made salsa here in Istanbul, but it doesnt taste like how it tastes on the west coast….What is the marinade for the carne asada….so good…takes me back to my twenties…to my boyfriends house for Sunday barbeque. Don Julio flowing like water….they used to get a massive quantity of carne from Rodeos Meat Market in Oceanside…they had this amazing marinade….dont know what was in it, but hey it tastes nearly identical to burrito shop’s carne asada burrito….just like an authentic Mexican cookout…Finally….hope this place takes off and expands the menu…Im praying for Horchata drink, some cactus options, fish tacos, corn chips….made to order tubs of guacamole….only thing i didnt love were the tortillas…hope they find a better, all natural vendor.

Caddebostan Mah.
Bagdat Cad. No: 298
34844 Istanbul
Kadıköy, Caddebostan
+90 216 4114567

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