Best Espresso In Istanbul

Best coffee from a small shop so far…and I’m very picky. I was initially struck by the gadgets contained inside. There are top of the line digital bean storage and grinders, and a gorgeous array of pots and brewing tools to check out. The owner has done a great job with this place. I have seen it evolve from literally a cubbyhole with an attic, where you could grab a coffee, and go, into a nice, shaded, heated seating area outside, complete with electrical outlets for those who want to get some work done with their laptops, and charge their iPads or phones. There is a wall where regular customers can write their names and put a small check to represent how many times they get coffee from here. Who doesn’t like to see their name in print. I like how the owner has turned it into a competition ….super cute idea. Another thing is, even when its busy, the service is thoughtful and attentive. My favorite coffee drink was remembered from the last time I was there, which was impressive.


Ayşe Çavuş Caddesi, No: 20 / B , Suadiye – Kadıköy
İstanbul, TR
0536 594 1140


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