An Islam Sanctioned Toilet

An Islam Sanctioned Toilet

I don’t understand why conservative Muslims use “hole in the ground” toilets. Their interpretation of Islamic faith basically states that it is unclean to sit on a toilet seat. However, these “hole in the ground”toilet stalls are unhygienic and covered in urine or worse. There is typically no toilet paper or soap in the stall, but there is a water pipe coming out of the wall and a bucket to wash with. This means that after cleansing their intimate areas with their hands, they touch the faucet, and then the door lock. That spreads germs. Also these women wear very long dresses and coats which drag on the ground. I have seen them exit bathroom stalls with the bottoms of their coats wet. That is very unsanitary. I think it would be cleaner to use a western style toilet.

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