An Eco-Friendly Inexpensive Waterfront Vacation in Turkey

Located in Kalekoy, on a peninsula, inside the province of Antalya, and accessible only by boat, Sahil Pansiyon is nestled against a vast collection of ancient ruins, and natural splendor. Surprisingly enough, this petite area possesses a Lycian castle, a sunken city on the UNESCO waiting list, a necropolis, and many other unnamed ruins scattered throughout. My first impression of the area was that it was so colorful and lush…flowers and herbs growing everywhere. I liked the functional vessels housing the flowers too. You find utilization of old things all over villages in Turkey. Its a glimpse into the products and brands people use most. There are empty rusting engine oil cans, spilling over with geraniums, sunflower oil cans housing rosemary, and various brands of yogurt buckets filled with basil and thyme. It’s surprisingly well done. I didn’t even notice the pots were empty yogurt containers until I was at the table, on the pier by the water, and found myself right next to it. The water is so pristine you can see ancient boulders resting on the sea floor, and schools of various fish, octopus, and sea turtles swimming by. It’s also quiet…in a very good way however, as there is no annoying music to contend with, just the sound of the birds, wind and water. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a music lover, but I don’t relish being forced to listen to someone else’s music selection. The pansiyon consists solely of three rooms, so it retains an intimate feel. We were were able to have breakfast alone on the pier in complete tranquility. The service is excellent, yet unobtrusive, meaning the owners aren’t overly eager to talk, and instead give you space. It has a clean and simple design aesthetic, notably without kitsch. The rooms are simple and sparsely furnished. I’m sensitive to bad lighting though, and unfortunately they have flourescent white overhead lighting in the rooms which is really harsh. I thought seriously of bringing a small lamp with me next time I come, but then I thought how dumb it would look arriving with a lamp tucked under my arm…its bad enough I bring my own indestructable French press wherever I go. White linens, towels, and tablecloths are consistently used throughout the establishment, which gives it a fresh, clean look. The simple flower arrangements on the tables are lovely, lit only by small candles at night. The owners mentioned mosquitos, but the problem was light to nonexistent in comparison to where I live in Istanbul. We have to use plug-in deterrents all year round as the city hasn’t fixed the drainage problem in the seaside parks down the street. Every time it rains, or the sprinklers are used the water accumulates, becoming a breeding farm for mosquitoes. There are bees that consistently arrive during mealtimes. This is rather annoying, but they burn a small dish of  coffee grounds with lemon oil infused alcohol to deter them, and the smoke from this concoction is pretty effective. There is a row of lounge chairs on the shaded section of deck, and the views of the Mediterranean, Kekova Island, and various sailboats spread out in front of you is breathtakingly beautiful. There are also some nice lounge chairs on the beach as well which maintain shade for most of the day. You are free to grab a kayak and paddle around at anytime of the day or night, without the hassle of signing in or out etc. There is so much to explore in and around this place, on land and water…it’s just phenomenal. You can see a multitude of different fish and sea turtles swimming right by you while you are eating breakfast on the pier, and speaking of which, was ample and completely delicious. I felt more relaxed after spending two days here than I have felt at most hotels in Turkey, including luxury spots. There is free WiFi in the rooms, and on the grounds, but no individual televisions. However, most people have devices to keep them occupied anyway. We hardly noticed it wasn’t there because we were so tired from swimming, kayaking and climbing that about an hour after dinner, we passed out.
Its family friendly too. Kids adore this place. The water in front of the lounge chairs on the pier is fairly shallow, so its a perfect place for toddlers and kids to splash around in with floaty rings or a life jacket on etc.
There is not much of a selection of beer, and by that I mean there is only Efes. They have a small wine collection, but I would suggest lowering your drinking standards, or bringing a bottle of your own favorite stuff as they do have a copious amount of readily available ice.


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