A Private Eco Friendly Boutique Hotel in Bodrum

What an incredible drive out to Antik Zeytin, a boutique hotel, tucked into the mountains, above the Aegean Sea. The road winds along natural sea cliffs with breathtaking views of the blindingly blue water below. Its a dangerous game you play forcing your eyes back on the road, when all they want to do is drink in the landscape. One has to look closely or the steep, gated driveway can easily be missed. The entrance is flanked by massive, circular, old grinding stones, used for the production of organic olive oil, crafted on the premises, so look for those. It’s so private you cannot just drive in, but first must announce your presence to the staff who check you off their list. The forests surrounding this little enclave are magnificent, coupled with impeccably cared for gardens, and I don’t mean perfectly manicured lawns and plants, but an understated wildness that permeates everything. The main kitchen and large living room are left completely open to nature, allowing an unfettered access to stunning sights and ample sunshine. Installed in all of the living spaces are electronic pest deterrents, which emit a high frequency sound which bothers insects and animals, preventing them from entering the space. Rather a necessity I presume if you have a completely open living and kitchen area, situated on the side of a mountain.
The rooms are basically little stone bungalows, sparsely furnished, with their own private outdoor space. The beds are comfortable, large, and low to the ground. White linens abound, which signifies cleanliness to me. They definitely get a star for that choice in my book.
The chef is a good looking, friendly, mellow guy (don’t get excited, he’s married), who prepares a seasonal, local breakfast and dinner par excellence, and on demand. If you are planning on eating dinner at the hotel, you need to notify the chef, who will then do his shopping and prepare accordingly. If you want, you can wake up early and make bread, the traditional Turkish way, with the chef’s wife. You can also sleep in and still eat it fresh….either way its a good time. I so loved their plum preserves on toast…Ramazon, the chef will throw in a jar for you to take home if he likes you… The eggs served with breakfast come fresh from the hens they keep on the property. There aren’t many great restaurants around unfortunately, but why go anywhere when you have culinary perfection right there. Its a very sexy little spot at night too. The owners light candles, and there is this awesome breeze that begins to come in from the sea…open a bottle of wine…total gratification.
The owner can take you sailing too on his massive, handmade boat. Make sure to let him know a day or so in advance. Its a great little day trip, and the views of Bodrum from the sea are unreal. They also have a cool little art gallery featuring local, young talent, as well as some objects from their personal collection of travels abroad.

Address: Kale Yıkığı Mah. Bülent Ecevit Caddesi
No. 117 Göltürkbükü 48400 Bodrum, Muğla
Tel: +90 252 3578223
GSM: +90 532 2337235
Email: info@antikzeytin.com


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