A Hat Will Not Keep You Warm

A Hat Will Not Keep You Warm

Under the guise of safety, no less than four individuals seemed gravely perturbed. In their eyes, the life of a child hung in the balance, though the weather was hovering between 45 and 50 degrees fahrenheit. One brave chauvinist even crossing the street to express his consternation directly to this mother, simply out getting some fresh air with her kid. Without any hesitation, he exclaimed “Put a hat on his head!” as if reprimanding a minor for an act of civil disobedience.
In Turkey, the premise is that some type of covering for the head must be worn 75% of the year, as an exposed head leads to certain malaise.
According to Richard Ingebretsen, MD, PhD, a wilderness medicine expert at the University of Utah School of Medicine,”The head only represents about 10% of the body’s total surface area. So if the head were to lose even 75% of the body’s heat, it would have to lose about 40 times as much heat per square inch as every other part of your body. That’s unlikely — which has been borne out by tests of college students who lost the same amount of heat whatever the exposed area.”
It is in turn amusing and irritating to observe the Turkish culture’s obsession with their own health, and that of others. Experts admonish the population to tear lettuce leaves for a salad instead of cutting with a knife, in order to preserve overall vitamin content, though there is no scientific data to support the efficacy of this. According to a study done by UC Davis in 2000, there is a small amount of vitamin C loss when cutting with a blade vs tearing by hand, and a larger loss if the instrument is dull, than if it’s sharp. However, this shouldn’t be much of a concern because most lettuce is rich in Vitamin A, not C anyway.
It’s the irony of a pedestrian crossing a busy highway on foot, but faithfully swaddled in jacket, scarf and hat. The minibus driver with no seatbelt on, driving dangerously, and functioning on a few hours of sleep, a huge Allah Korusun (God protect/bless us) sticker emblazoned across the back window. Young children sitting unbelted in the front seat of a car, as their mother conscientiously shreds lettuce by hand at home.
These supposed concerns have morphed into what appear to be rules the culture strictly enforces, with citizens actively policing others that don’t fall in line as they feel they should. The big question why is rarely, if ever entertained. This aversion to critical thinking ends up leading to the enforcement of trivial if not asinine things masquerading as interest in another’s welfare.




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