9 Ways Cheaters Avoid Getting Caught

⁃ They have a gym membership. I cannot stress this one enough. This gives them an alibi, a place to shower between rendezvous, and will also serve as a potential hook up, and or meeting place. You might think its a bit farfetched to imagine getting it on at the gym, but let me tell you…everyones does it occasionally. If you are into same sex encounters, its beyond easy but if not, there are so many empty unlocked rooms. All you have to do is check the schedule for classes.
⁃ They pick partners who have similar hair color as their mate. There is nothing that will arouse suspicion more than a hair in an odd spot. Also, for women having unprotected sex, there is always the risk of an accident, and nothing could be more jarring than a new baby who looks nothing like you or your partner.
⁃ If using a hotel room, they always make their “partner” check in, and never are anywhere around while this is happening. They enter through the lobby and go straight to the lobby bathroom. As they come out, they casually look around. If there is no one, to the room they go. If they use the elevator, they always go either a floor up or down from the actual floor their room is on, and then use the stairs. They wear hats or hoodies with some type of brim, so the cameras can’t see their face. They keep their head down, and wear nondescript clothing: something no one will remember, so that no one will remember them.
⁃ If having an affair with someone they are not paying for (not an escort from a reputable agency), they make them sign a non-disclosure form upfront. This keeps them silent, and keeps them safe on their end. If they refuse to sign it, they find someone else to sleep with.
⁃ They are strict upfront. No perfume, no lipstick, and they use the same soap they use at home and when they are away.
⁃ They are never with their “friend” openly in public. They assume they are constantly being watched. Even at a hotel, when ordering room service they are sure to be unseen when the waiter arrives. They always order for one. No extra utensils or glasses to arouse suspicion.
⁃ They always use cash when with the other person. They never buy them gifts, and never speak of anything personal. They use burner phones, keeping the phone on silent, in a travel soap box in their shower bag, inside a gym bag. If leaving the gym bag at home, they put the phone inside a travel coffee mug, walk out the door, and take it to the office. Alternatively they keep the phone in an empty soap or hair product box, inside a small shopping bag with the receipt inside the laptop case or handbag. They make sure the product is something they currently use. They check the phone periodically throughout the day. When the affair is over, they throw away the phone.
⁃ They know that the best time and place for a hookup is parallel with their normal schedule to avoid arousing interest in their whereabouts. They avoid being overly self-indulgent and keep their encounters under an hour and a half. If their phone rings, they answer it to avoid odd patterns. The standard answer is that they are in some form of public or private transportation, and will call back as soon as they get out. They never forget to call back.
– If questioned by their partner, they stay calm, and say as little as possible to avoid appearing defensive. As an offensive tactic they ask you something like, “Why do you feel this way?”…or “What can I do to make you feel more comfortable?”…or “It’s a surprise, that’s why I can’t tell you where I was”. Although they can only use that last example once if they are really desperate although the surprise has to be good, but not so good that they appear guilty.

*if you want to catch them in a lie simply tell them to take a picture of where they say they are right at the moment they are talking to you, and have them send you the picture. Of course they could keep extra photos of various common places to use if you ever ask them that again.

*Most people are not careful enough to deploy such an arsenal of deception, so if you are in a relationship with someone who is, obviously you should delicately extricate yourself.

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